Use The Right Baby Powder On Your Baby

Most of us use baby powder to prevent irritations and rashes that can occur due to diaper usage. And most of us take baby powder for granted, since even our mothers used it, and even our grandmothers. But what we don’t know are some new findings that talk about different kinds of baby powder and how harmful they can be for your baby.

If you are using talcum baby powder, you should consider switching to something different. The recent studies show this powder has harmful minerals that can affect health. While it is true the powder is purified by drying, crushing and milling, there are some fibers left that are usually found in asbestos. If your baby inhales or swallows some of the talcum powder, it may be poisoned.

The symptoms of talcum powder poisoning are: chest pain, coughing, shallow breathing and lung failure. Other symptoms that may occur are vomiting, throat irritation and eye irritation. There may be more sympoms in case the use of talcum powder is continued.

You should stop using talcum powder. Get the powder that has corn starch instead. It will keep the skin soft and dry, without affecting your baby’s health. Some people even use baking soda, corn flour and oat flour as alternatives. These are all great choices, so make sure you switch to one of these as soon as possible!


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