Traditional Or Steam Carpet Cleaning?

Since long people have been trying various methods for cleaning their carpets effectively. Foam cleaning is one of the often-practiced ways of getting the desired results. This process involves the use of a shampoo, which does the job of a detergent. The shampoo released by a brush is scrubbed onto one part of the carpet till the entire carpet gets scrubbed, at the end of which the carpet is allowed to get dried for nearly two hours. After the carpet has dried, it needs to be vacuumed for eliminating the dirt. This system of cleaning is better suited for large areas like hotel rooms and hallways that have a regular maintenance schedule.

But the use of shampoo as a cleaning agent for carpets poses the problem of rinsing. At times, residual shampoo may leave some marks that are difficult to remove with the aid of vacuum cleaners, all the more so when it draws additional dirt.

Bonnet cleaning is the other way for cleaning your carpets. Here, bonnet replaces the brushes and does the scrubbing of the carpet and cleans only one part of the carpet at any given time. As a matter of fact, this process takes longer and doesn’t really rid the carpet of dirt. It just spreads over the dirt along the length and breadth of the carpet. So, dirt doesn’t disappear, it just gets shifted, making your efforts useless.

Dry methods of cleaning the carpet are also available. People with busy schedules who can’t devote so much time find these helpful. A specially prepared powder is spread over the dirty part of the carpet. The manufacturers of these powders claim that the dirt ultimately vanishes. But, in fact the powder remains on the carpet and leaves some undesirable marks, which eventually attract more dirt.

Steam cleaning of carpets is better than any of the above-mentioned cleaning methods. Steam cleaning of carpets involves use of hot water and cleaning solution. It thoroughly cleans the carpet, making it rid of all the marks and dirt that gets accumulated in the weave of the carpet. The hot water released from a tube removes all the blemishes from the carpet. It’s important to vacuum the carpet prior to steam cleaning. That ensures to remove all the accumulated dirt, grit, sand, stains and allergens from the carpet prior to application of steam for cleaning.

If there are carpets at your office or home, choose a method of their cleaning that you find most convenient. You would naturally compare the expense of cleaning to the ultimate effect they have on the décor of the room where they are installed.

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