Things That Affect Your Child’s Eyesight

As parents and educators, we have a responsibility towards our children and try to understand their abilities and shortcomings even before they realize them. Much like any other medical condition, poor eyesight if diagnosed early not only saves the child a lot of trouble at school, but also enhances their ability in visual learning as well as physical activity. The first step during admissions to a school requires proper vision screening, however many of the children develop vision problems later on. Statistics show that one in four children develop vision problems which affect their behavioral as well as academic condition.

The perfect vision with or without aides, at such a young and tender age is important for the child’s personal growth as well. These are some of the elements that negatively impact our child’s vision, yet go unnoticed and magnify their vision problems in the future –
specsaversEye Infections

Many bacterial infections affect the ocular nerves which is common in children and known as “pink eye”. The name for this bacterial infection is conjunctivitis and all of us have had it once in awhile. However, having frequent cases of bacterial eye infection at an early age can deteriorate the vision slowly. Eyes have a self cleansing mechanism which helps fighting the bacteria naturally, yet you must teach your child to wash their eyes as regularly as they wash their face. This removes any pathogens that could result in bacterial infection and keep the ocular muscles healthy.

Electronic Visual Entertainment

Although it has been clinically confirmed that viewing the bright screens of our computers and televisions does not directly affect the eyes, but it has negative repercussions. As our children live in the technological age, they must be glued to the TVs or their Tablet playing games or watching cartoons. Compared to reading from a book, we blink our eyes very few times when we use computers or other electronic devices for viewing. The blinking mechanism of the eye is used to replenish the eye with essential fluids to keep the muscles moist. The dry eye condition makes the cornea irritant and causes grit collection which damages the vision.

Inattentiveness Of Adults

Most often, the reason children develop severe vision problems is because the teachers as well as parents are not unable to read the telltale signs. Whether is constant headaches, tiredness during homework or constant lack of attention during the class; all these are signs that your child may have vision problems. Children are barely able to process what they feel, so it is obviously difficult for them to understand what their shortcoming is. As attentive parents and especially teachers must keep a close watch on the day-to-day factors that could suggest that the child has vision problems. With timely diagnosis and necessary steps, the vision problem can be controlled.

Unfortunately, genetics plays a big role in determining the vision strength of your child. If you and your partner both wear glasses or contacts, make sure that your child has regular eye checkups at a certified eye clinic center. This will ensure that the problem is identified before it escalates and does not affect your child’s physical activities, academics as well as personal growth.