Surviving Post-Pregnancy in Style: Top Fashion Tips for New Moms

It’s no news: most women tend to put on weight during pregnancy months. Coping with a considerably different figure after you’ve given birth, however, is not an easy task and it calls for lots of mental strength, adequate clothing and some fashion tricks that will help your body look as gorgeous as it can be. If you don’t know where to start with your post-pregnancy wardrobe and need a friendly advice from a fashion expert, we have great news for you: when dealing with a figure you’re not used to in the first few months after childbirth, there are some simple yet highly efficient techniques you can resort to clothing style-wise to turn your body into an eye-catching show for the rest of the world to admire, cherish and crave. So, let’s start, shall we?


Drapes, flows and flourishes: Comfortable and stylish clothes for new moms

In the first few months after giving birth, you’ll probably find that most tight-fitting clothes and waist-stressing garments are no longer a flattering option for your figure as your belly may take a while to get back in shape after carrying around a precious yet hefty load for nine months. Before you decide to shun the rest of the world for an extra couple of months until you manage to put on some fine-looking abs and six-packs, consider getting a handful of clothing items that draw attention away from your stomach and accentuate other flattering aspects of your anatomy. For example, you may want to take a look at a post-pregnancy oriented collection of flowy dresses online and pick the perfect one that conceals your belly while delivering a gratifying number for your bust, neckline or face. Also, drapey clothes like empire-waist dresses, tunics and T-shirt dresses will be a good wardrobe addition for the first post-pregnancy months so grab a handful in the closest department store.

Shape up in a flash: Compression garments in the transition period

If you don’t like the idea of wearing an oversized dress to that Sunday family lunch with your in-laws or you simply want to impress your friends and colleagues by a speedily trimmed figure after giving birth, you may want to consider buying some compression garments to help you out in the transition period. A perfect solution for those stressful moments when you need to look as fit as a fiddle before your body has fully recovered from childbirth, shapewear will turn your figure into a genuine feat for the eyes by tucking in the belly and hips at the spots you’re not overly proud of. Until you manage to shed baby weight, shapewear leggings, tank tops and pencil skirts may do an extremely efficient number when it comes to toning up your anatomy at the telltale pregnancy spots, so take these into consideration when purchasing your new set of clothes for the first two or three months after childbirth, just make sure the compression is not overly tight.

post-pregnancy clothes

Your own figure savior: Tailor-made clothes in months after childbirth

Facing the dire realization that your favorite jacket no longer fits around the waistline and your beloved jeans have become too tight at the hips now that you’ve just given birth can be very depressing and discouraging. Still, before you slam the closet door and go into a clothing-related sulk, take another look at your wardrobe and see whether some of your clothes can be adjusted to accommodate your altered body shape in a complimenting fashion. Going to see the tailor or seamstress is a good idea for new moms with a taste for fashion – apart from getting a perfectly fitting set of garbs, you can also take the bragging right in the company of your friends and family and declare that your attire was sewn by hand. Plus, you’ll always have the benefit of choosing the materials and cuts you want to put on in the post-pregnancy months without having to go into an elaborate explanation of the price tag to your fashion-illiterate spouse – and your clothes will look unique, inimitable and above the commonplace everywhere you appear, too.

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