Simple Pet And Kids Safety Tips

Dogs and cats are some of the most common pets parents get for their kids. However, there are pet and kids safety tips you’ll want to know about before you get a cat or dog. The same goes for other pets too. Below are a few simple tips that can help you out.


When you get a pet dog for your kids, make sure you teach them how to not go near them when they are eating or reach for their bowl when they are eating. Some dogs are very protective over their food.

Another safety tip is to enroll your dog in a 12-week obedience class. Your dog will learn basic commands and will be much more behaved and easier to get along with. You’ll want to teach your dog manners too, even if you enroll it into a class. The more disciplined your dog is, the more he/she will listen to you and your kids.

At around 5-6 months old, consider having your dog fixed. When a dog gets neutered or spayed, they tend to calm down.

Male toddler playing with puppy on dining room floor


Don’t make the mistake of thinking a cat is extremely independent, so you don’t have to do anything in regards to your kids and their pet cat. You want to teach your kids that if the car starts wagging its tail fast, then it will probably scratch or bite. If your kids are scratched by their pet cat, then clean the area with soap and water. Rinse the area for up to a minute.

If you have young kids, then don’t let them pick the cat up. Instead, you can teach them how to pet it gently. Kids may accidentally hurt the cat if they pick it up, which is why you should not encourage it.

Another tip is to never let your kids clean the litter box. Cat droppings need to be carefully handled. If they aren’t, then the person handling it can become sick.

cat and kid playing

Other Pets

For other pets, such as birds, you’ll want to choose a small animal and never let your child hold the bird. The same goes for any reptiles you get them for a pet and fish. Generally speaking, fish are the easiest pets to take care of and many kids receive fish as their very first pet. Consider getting a few fish and teach them how to feed them and clean their tank, if you think they can handle the task.

When it comes to pet and kids safety tips, you’ll want to keep the above ones in mind. Getting a pet for the home is a major decision, regardless of the type of pet. The above pet and kids safety tips should come in handy when the time comes to get a pet.

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