Preparing to Take on the Responsibility of Parenting an Adolescent

There is nothing better than seeing your child grow into a responsible, independent and successful person. However, this is not an easy job, and each stage of child’s life has its own tasks and responsibilities, but parenting an adolescent is the most challenging one. Adolescents need plenty of skills in order to achieve their goals in life and to increase their independence. To make things harder, this shift in their lives is not smooth and can cause plenty of stress in the family.

However, even though this transition is rough, it shouldn’t alert parents. Additionally, there are some things you can do as a parent in order to help your child enter the adolescent age easier and help them get out of it as successful people.

Start Early

The best tip for any parent is to start early with preparing your child for adolescence. There are some things you can do in order to ensure a smoother transition for both you and your child:

  • Provide a stable and loving environment for them at home from the start

  • Be open with each other, be honest, respectful and work on mutual trust

  • Allow age-appropriate independence and assertiveness

  • Encourage your child to talk to you about anything

  • Teach responsibilities for chores and belongings

  • Emphasize the importance of accepting limits

  • Teach them the importance of thinking before acting

It is of an utmost importance to start early when it comes to preparing your family for this transition, and the earlier it starts the smother and less stressful the transition will be for all of you. Also, make sure all family members are working together on teaching and establishing these principles at home.

increase independence

Increase Independence

Independence starts when you step down from controlling the life of your children. Basically, you have to give them more autonomy and responsibility for their actions. Even though you might not like or support some of their decisions, but letting them make decisions will provide necessary skills for future life. If you want to give more responsibility to your children you should limit your answers to “yes”, “no” and “maybe”. According to psychologists in Sidney, these answers will greatly depend on your children’s level of maturity, their willingness to negotiate and your mutual confidence and trust.

Decide Whether Your Child is Ready to Shift Responsibility

Each child is different and they have different transitions into adolescence. This is important to remember and you should use family meetings in order to give your child a chance to make their own important decisions. This way, the child will feel valued and it is a great opportunity to learn more about them and their level of maturity. The level of maturity is very important since it will tell you how well they can deal with their choices and how much of responsibility they are ready to take. Also, you have to let them learn from their own experience, so don’t make all decisions for them. Let them make minor mistakes and help them just a bit to get out of any trouble. However, it is still important for them to take responsibility for their actions and decisions, because that’s the best way to learn and acquire major life skills. Lastly, you can experiment and check how much they are ready for responsibilities by giving them plenty of tasks to handle throughout the day, such as various training, part-time job, school, courses and so on.

This transition is tough on everyone in the family; especially on your child. This is a big milestone in their lives and the sooner you start preparing them for it, they will enter adolescence smoothly. Step down from taking the control over their lives and help them a bit to start making good decisions that they can benefit from in the future.

Adapting the Nursery for the New Baby – 3 Easy Steps

Welcoming the newborn into your family is a wonderful and joyous occasion, but it also comes with a few demanding tasks. There are many things to tend to before you bring your young child into your home. Baby-proofing your entire home is one of them. You also have to prepare your other kids for welcoming new sibling if that’s the case. Not to mention the amount of stuff the newborn would need for a complete health and comfort. One of the main things to prepare is undoubtedly the baby’s nursery room. In order to adjust this place to suit the baby’s needs, you should think in steps.


Step 1 – clean the entire room

Before any other work, you should clear out the nursery out of every piece of furniture and stuff that you stored there. Once the room is completely empty, repaint the walls and ceilings. Fresh paint will do wonders in preventing mold and bacteria from forming. If you’re preparing the room for your first child, and if your home is older, make sure to test it on lead. If there’s any lead you can hire special services to remove it from the walls. Once the paint is dry, clean the entire room thoroughly. Remove any dust and dirt meticulously. Even better, use steam cleaners to completely eradicate any possible source of bacteria and allergens in the nursery.

Step 2 – bring in the furniture

Adequate furniture is essential for a healthy environment in a nursery. Of course, crib is a must-have. Make sure to get a top quality crib that would ensure your baby’s sound and healthy sleep. Apart from the crib, you’ll probably need a changing table. These are the two essentials for the baby’s room but don’t forget that you’ll need a lot of storage to keep all the baby things at your immediate reach. You can also think ahead and get spacious wardrobe that a child will be able to use in the future. Still, the most important thing for now is to have a lot of space to store the diapers and baby’s clothes. Keep the changing table relatively close to the storage so that you can quickly get what you need without taking your eyes off from the child. What’s more, a newborn will need a lot of linens and covers, so stock up on these as well because they have to be changed regularly.


Step 3 – prep it up

Once the nursery is cleaned and all the furniture is brought in, you can spend a bit more time to figure out the details of the perfect layout of the room. Once you’re completely satisfied with the organization, you can worry about the finishing touches and final work. First of all, this means checking the heater and making sure that it’s in a good working order. Don’t forget to install an air purifier that would help your child breathe in clean air and remove the possible dust particles that form because of the heater. Look for the highest air purifier rating when choosing the perfect one for the nursery. After all this comes the fun part. You can take your time before the baby comes to decorate the nursery accordingly and make it nice and entertaining for your newborn.

Adjusting the nursery room for your new baby is not the most difficult task in the world, but it does require time, so make sure to start prepping it up in time. Also, if this is your first child, you’ll probably have to make a lot of financial investments, which is exactly why preplanning and budget organization are necessary. Even though there are many cute baby stuff on the market, make sure to approach this task levelheaded and put your child’s comfort and health before anything that’s simply pretty on the eye. Luckily, with today’s market, you probably won’t have to sacrifice appearance a lot over functionality and comfort.




Simple Decoration Tips – How To Use Chalkboard Paint On Glass

If you ask any crafts lover today what’s one of their favorite media they may have a surprisingly similar answer. It’s not some fancy faux finish, crocheting needles, and thread, or clay.

Here’s a hint. It may remind you of your school years. It is one of the most versatile paints ever developed. It is chalkboard paint. Through the magnificent properties of this paint, we are now able to paint messages, designs, and give a fine new finish to everything from burlap to even the refrigerator. At first, the big challenge is to remember that it is able to paint on nearly any surface.

Writing On The Wall

chalkboard on the wall

While you may have been taught to never write on the walls, we are in a brand new world where writing on the walls with chalkboard paint is a welcoming form of self-expression for kids. It’s their room, after all, and many parents are using that as a way to let loose their kids’ artistic talents.

Many are also still looking at the benefits of chalkboard paint in other places, such as the kitchen. It’s much easier than trying to keep a cork board in place on the wall. Instead, paint the chalk paint directly onto the wall, a door, or even the refrigerator. Of course, some people find it more practical to simply get a chalkboard, and that’s cool too. In any case, this is a great way to keep notes without having slips of paper falling all over the floor.

Using Chalkboard Paint On Glass

Now, the paint is excellent, and there is no doubt about that. Though, there are definitely some nuances, qualities, and characteristics that you need to familiarize yourself with in order to get it to work the way you intend. Take the surface type or material to be painted on into account.

Here we are focusing on how to paint on glass. The main reason is, why not? Artists who learn how to paint on multiple surface types are able to make full use of their imagination as they understand both the features and the limits of the material they are attempting to decorate.

Choose Glass-Specific Chalkboard Paint

Basically, they all differ in their features. That is probably the number one misconception among all new chalkboard artists. Rightfully, they would assume that one paint brand and formula is exactly the same as another.

As it turns out, not every type of paint is suited to work on glass, for instance. In particular, this is where you have to play super sleuth and read the labels on the paint. It should specify that the particular paint formula is suited to use on glass.

From there, decide on the color that you like. The best option for glass will be the spray paint. It spreads evenly, which is a key to getting the right finish for a chalkboard. After all, you will be writing on it, so it needs to be smooth enough.


Preparing The Glass

Before spraying the paint onto the surface, clean the glass with alcohol. It eradicates dust. To dry the surface, use the paper bag or piece of paper, not a cloth. Next, rub the glass evenly with steel wool or sandpaper to create a smooth surface. Then, clean the surface again with rubbing alcohol. Adhere paint tape to mark the border where you do not want the paint to go.

Several Coats Will Do The Job

To create an ample chalkboard it takes several layers of the special paint. Start the process by applying a thin coat of the paint. Then, allow it to fully dry. At that point, go ahead and apply the second coat. The second coat will also be a thin layer. You may apply 3 or even 4 coats of thinly applied paint to the board.

Let It Dry Before Touching It

It can be very difficult to hold back and not touch the surface. It is just human nature. The key here is to have patience and definitely, wait until the surface has completely dried. Allow 36 hours for the surface to dry. Yes, it takes that long, and it will be well worth it.

The Fun Part: Write!

Hopefully, you have stocked up on authentic chalk because now comes the big test. Finally, after so much effort and patience, it is time to start writing on your chalkboard. See how it looks, and how the surface responds when you wipe off the chalk writing. You can simply use a cloth or a duster to wipe the chalk off. The fun begins now that you have tested the chalkboard. Enjoy!

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Celebrity Marriages that Actually Last: How Do They Do It?

So, you wake up one morning and decide you’d rather go on a trip to Venice than go shop for milk. You have your assistant book flights, pack up your bags and arrange a drive to the airport. It doesn’t matter all seats on that plane are booked – you are a celebrity, there has to be an emergency chair for you. Why? Because it’s just the way it is in this world.

Loving and living in the world out of the limelight is way different; and we’re all aware.

If we’re not talking about partners that have, simply, drifted apart due to a cosmic imbalance or the loss of love, we’re then talking about marriages that suffer a great deal of disappointment, fallout and inconsistency due to financial troubles.

Trying to fix their financial difficulty, partners often pick up extra jobs, extra shifts, extra commitments, hoping to earn a buck for the family. Unfortunately, even if they do succeed to bring home a few more pounds of bacon, they often lack the time to eat it together. Or see each other. Or go away together. Then – they dissolve and end up living like roommates rather than partners, until they divorce. It’s a never-ending circle.

When you are a celebrity (especially one of the reality TV genre), you worry about nothing but the annoying paparazzi (let it please be noted that the paparazzi, too, have families to support); primary concerns are what to wear, when to tour, where to vacate, what car to buy, what that tabloid said about the ten extra pounds on the hips or whether they were caught on camera, cheating. Ah, tough life. Being given the status of privileged species (and rightfully so), celebs rarely ever have to undergo hurt and pain of regular people – money solves most of the troubles, and the rest? The rest is just life.

But let’s drop cynicism (and truth) for a second and dig a little deeper; like us, the celebs are just humans – with all the love, fears, expectations, complexes, tears and efforts. Privileged humans nonetheless, but humans, yes. Maybe we should look for marriage counsel in their yard?

Let’s explore it.

This is what celebs say is key to a happy marriage:

Meryl Streep

Meryl Streep

You have to talk about all the issues that arise, even the smallest things. You have to listen to your partner’s problems, suggestions, and advice, and accept that you are not always right. Conversation is the key to a successful marriage.” Meryl, you are always on point. Thank you!

Patrick Dempsey

When it comes to dreamy Dempsey, he says we have to let our partner be themselves. “The key to a successful marriage is accepting that you’re not going to change the other person.” Hm, translated – stop nagging, are we right?

Steve Harvey

In the house of Steve, bringing up exes is a big no-no. “I don’t bring up exes. I don’t remember them or have any fond memories. I didn’t know anything until my wife came along.” How sweet!

Matthew McConaughey

We never go to bed holding a grudge.”, says this hot actor. Now, that’s something we should start working on immediately!

Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria

For this gorgeous actress, the key are sex toys. Traveling a lot, she loves buying sex toys in Australia and other places she visits, with no shame whatsoever. “I didn’t begin enjoying sex until […] I bought my first vibrator three years ago.” Hot!

Hugh Jackman

Jackman is, apparently, all about mixing it up. “My number-one rule for romance is surprise. If I bring Deb flowers every Tuesday, yeah, it’s nice, but is it romantic?” Ah, small tokens of affection… isn’t it cute?

Julia Roberts

“I wouldn’t even think of us as an entertainment couple, but I don’t know. Probably kissing.” Ok, people – start kissing your spouse, and quick!

May the recipe for happiness be something as simple as…. love? We did not see that one coming.



Family and Business Affairs: How Can I Manage Both?

In a world where nothing’s forever and there are no assurances you’ll live to see another day (you never know, you may as well faint at the office, utterly exhausted), it’s essential we hold the phone already! Nope, nobody’s suggesting giving up on your fantastic abilities of being the best parent, spouse, daughter and professional there is, but rather finding a way not to flip. It’s tough. I know.

It was two years ago that I felt I needed to change something

I recall it as if it were yesterday; we were in a meeting (I (still) work at the Stock Market) and as I was looking around at all the (un)friendly faces of my colleagues and friends, everyone on the go for the next big monetary hit, I wondered – how happy are these people, really? How happy am I?

Added, I found myself thinking about my kids and how much I’d been missing them. Oh, sure – go roll your eyes, a cliché mum needed her kids, whatever! At least I’d got some sentiment left in me, and I was and am happy it’s so.

Stuck at the glass office for long hours (somewhat like a rat in a glass box) with an enviable salary and a job so exciting that for most part you feel like you are on drugs, I felt like something was off. To others – I was living a dream; to myself – I was not living at all.

Like always when I’d feel lost, I called up my brother for some love and comfort. At the time – he was (and still is) one of those people who have always known how to handle life with no compromise and yet – be successful at whatever they do. He is an SEO company CEO and owner, and is one of the most scouted entrepreneurs in the business. His wife is more Irina Shayk than she’s a regular person and his son is an adorable, blue-eyed genius who found it interesting to “research” constellations and planets at the age of four (4). Phew!

The moment he said “Hello”, I went “So I wanna know… How do you do it? I need someone successful and honest to tip me off on doing it all”. He laughed and said “I am a functional alcoholic, you can’t ask me that!” We both started laughing and he went on “Oli, have a talk with yourself and sort out your priorities. Whatever you do, you need to be okay with yourself… and you know I’ll always have your back.” And I did have that talk.

By the way, just in case you were wondering – he isn’t an alcoholic. The guy doesn’t even drink.

Reaching out to him was just one of those things when you feel you are on the verge of changing something, but you need just a little push in the right direction.

I am assuming you are in the same/similar jam as I was; and I don’t blame you, not at all. At this point, all I can do is tell you what I did and hope my “life recipe” would be just as beneficial for you as it was for me. Okay?

Okay, here we go:

Build a support system

You can’t live a successful life without relying on someone for help; whether it’s your parents, spouse, siblings, best friends or the help you’ve hired – you can’t do it all alone. And that’s okay, because nobody’s expecting you to. Once you realize asking for help is okay, things will get much easier.

Put yourself first, sometimes

Even machines need to be unplugged from time to time, just so they cool off – let alone people! Have a day in a week that’s just for you – whether it’s doing sports, seeing friends, doing arts and crafts with your kids, sleeping, going to the beauty salon, reading, catching up with your parents, reading all the trashy magazines or going on a date with yourself – it’s all good. As long as it’s just you in your personal space. This will be your weekly restoral to sanity and happiness!

Rely on the extracurricular help

Talking to a therapist once a week, doing physical exercises to de-stress, empowering your body and brains with supplements or relying on yoga for mental clarification – it’s up to you. As long as it feels good and is safe to practice. If you opt for supplements, don’t ever jeopardize your kids (to have their mum go crazy or ill) or your personal health by taking stuff that isn’t safe. My choice fell on lucid smart pills; you go figure what’s best for you.

Cut back work hours

If your financial situation allows it, cut back your work hours so you keep the money coming in while your mental and physical health remain – stable and thriving. Nobody enjoys an edgy, constantly-tired person around. And even more importantly – you won’t enjoy yourself in such a state. Let your husband be the dominant breadwinner now. You’ve shown him (and everyone else) you are just as good, but it’s your choice to rest a bit now.

It’s up to you, darling: chew them up and spit them out – or let be chewed up. I chose the first.

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