How To Plan A Perfect Wedding

Although planning a wedding is a wonderful experience, it can also be very challenging and that is why creativity and proper planning is very essential. The two partners, close family members and friends may be involved in the planning. Below are some of the important tips on how to plan a perfect wedding.


Budgeting is very essential when planning a wedding. Although this is a very important day in your life, it should not be an excuse for you to be extravagant with money. Make sure that you stick to your budget and prioritize the things that are more important. Incase your parents or in- laws- to-be are supporting you, be conscious so that you do not burden them

Also, you should set the timeline for planning based on the amount of time that you have and make sure that you keep records of all the activities. Always work with a calendar, have a plan on what to do each day and make sure that you achieve that. Setting a timeline is very essential (especially when it comes to booking the venues) as it ensures that you avoid the last minute rush.

wedding budgetThe size of the wedding

This is also a very essential point to consider when planning a wedding and it is dependent on your budget, time that you have before the wedding and most importantly, what you & your fiancé want. Once you have decided on the size of your wedding, you then go ahead and set a date as well as choose a venue.

The theme and invitations

Decide on a wedding theme and this does not necessarily have to be specific but it should have a consistent feeling at the same time easy to decorate and plan. Once you have chosen a theme, decide on some important things such as the bridal flowers & the decorations, design & sent the wedding invitations, make the wedding program and also choose the wedding officiant(could be a priest, judge, pastor etc).

Wedding gown (clothes and accessories)

Do a lot of research on the various wedding dresses available and also on the wedding dress designers. This will help you make a decision on whether to go for a ready made gown or have it designed. This is also the time to decide on the bridesmaids’ & the groomsmen’s’ clothes and to choose the shoes and other accessories for the wedding. Most importantly, select the wedding rings and make sure that all of these are ready at least one month before the wedding.

wedding gownFood and entertainment

Decide on the type of food and refreshments that you would like to offer at the reception. Go for the food that you think your guests will enjoy and at the same time affordable to you. You can either choose a professional caterer or handle it yourself. You should also pick a cake but make sure that it matches your theme. Find a photographer/videographer and hire the entertainment. It is advisable to have a reliable professional to do your photography so as to avoid any inconveniences. For the entertainment, you can hire a musician, an orchestra, a band, music students and/or even a DJ.

Transport and honeymoon

Decide on the type of transport that you are going to use especially if there are multiple venues. The most common modes are; use of a limousine, a classic car, horse-drawn carriages or even one’s own car.

Also decide on where you are going to have your honeymoon and you can choose to leave immediately after the wedding or spend that wedding night at home then you leave on the following day. It is also important to plan on how you are going to provide accommodation for the out of town guests.