How To Encourage Your Toddler To Eat Healthy

One advice that you will get from every nutritionist, a doctor or a psychologist, is that when it comes to a proper diet for your child it is never too early to start. Toddlers are extremely sensitive during the age of one and two, when they are experiencing new tastes and textures and it’s not just an important time for their regular intake of healthy food, it is also important that you help them develop a habit of keeping a good diet. Take some time to read the following, investigate further on your own of course, and arm yourself with patience and understanding because it is not going to be an easy task.

toddler eat healthy

Junk food

We will start with the number one issue of them all. This is imperative – absolutely no junk food in the house! If you can’t keep your kids away from it, simply don’t bring them along when you are going out for shopping groceries in the supermarket. Don’t make a big deal about it in front of them, bear in mind that any attention to this subject is a bad attention. This seems harsh at a first glimpse, but they will have a chance to get familiar with junk food sooner or later, you can’t prevent that. Let them have their sweets at your local ice-cream shop, when you head out for a walk so you will have them burning those calories at the same time. Foreign countries have recognized this problem and its long-term effects, and are struggling on a daily basis to prevent strong and suggestive advertisement of unhealthy foods targeted at children.

Balanced diet

Timing and quantity is what is important. Toddlers, same as us, have to eat more regular sized meals per day. Not just breakfast, lunch and supper, but snacks in between are as equally essential. These five groups you have to honor every day: proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains and dairy. You can find proteins in seafood, red meat, chicken meat and eggs and beans. When it comes to grains, always prefer brown rice over plain white rice. Encourage your kids to eat popcorn and whole-wheat bread. If you are having troubles figuring out how much of what is good for your toddler, that matter you will have to investigate yourself. Be careful if you are not aware of some possible allergies your kid might have, but there are recommended intakes for every group of food for every age. Talk to the doctor if your child should be taking more vitamins, or if your child is too active or not active enough. Maybe some meals have to be bigger for that extra energy a growing child needs.

toddler eating

Have fun with your toddler

This is the part when you trick them into liking this healthy habit. You would be surprised how much your children are able to learn with just a little support and playfulness. Explain to them what is good for their muscles, what is good for their growth, identify with them and talk them through every step of the way. Bring them along to health food stores and have them choose their own fruits and vegetables. Make a game out of it, and what is most important – do not discourage them at any times. Invite them to cook with you, as long as a child gets an understanding of this process, it will be easier for you to stimulate their interest more. Sometimes, but be careful about this, the toddler might be fully aware of its organism needs, and they could increase the intake of some food by themselves. This is not such a rare thing to happen.

The one final thing you need to do is to join them. It is never too early to start with a healthy diet, but it is never too late as well. Provide an example to your child and everything will follow along easily.