How to Design a Marquee for Your Wedding

So, you have finally decided to get hitched. What’s more, you’re thinking of an out-of-this world marquee as the venue for your wedding reception. Here are a few hints that can help you design the marquee of your choice for a dreamy wedding celebration.

First of all, you should be as imaginative as possible with the design. If the theme of your wedding is, say, butterflies, then why don’t with a butterfly lining? There are all sorts of custom made linings, so even the pickiest of us can find what they are looking for. You should think carefully about the carpet color and seat pads, bearing in mind that they should match the wedding theme and colors, not clash with them. If you are in doubt, you should probably go for something neutral.

Good lighting has becomecrucial for wedding ceremonies. Ask the marquee company of your choice aboutspot lights or up-lighters on tables from above, as this will create a very powerful effect. And when the night begins to fall,the good old candelabras will look amazing. When it comes to the garden, don’t forget to place some lovely garden lanternsin flower beds and on trees, making splendid features out of them. If the weather is nice, your guests will be spending plenty of time outside.

Arrange the layout in a way that minimal or no disruption is caused when people move furniture. You have to admit that trying to remove a long banquette table from the dance floor when your evening guests have arrived is no fun, so you should avoid having any tables on the dance floor unless they are absolutely necessary. With regard to the marquee chairs, ask to see them before agreeing to use them, as there are chairs for hire that should have been taken out of service long time ago.

Your florist should help you create a high impact display. You should know that small low arrangements will simply get lost in the ceiling height. What works best here is a skillful combination of high and low arrangements.

If there is one thing that can disturb your wedding theme it is starched and rough linen, so don’t hesitate to speak with your planner about hiring some designer linen. You’ll find a splendid array of styles and colors to choose from. Make sure the cloths correspond to the floor and don’t forget to make a feature from the napkins. For example, you can fold them so they have a pocket for placing a rose or favors.

If the layout allows you, why not trying to raise the dance floor with steps leading up to it?You can light the dance floor from belowby lining alternative pots of flowers with up-lighters.Many people now go for big displays on their marquee poles, but you could be slightly more creative and ask your florists to create awillow tree or palm tree all with twigs and blooms.

Eventually, you should ask the event marquees company to separate the DJ/band area with a curtain that can later be easily draped to one side. Trust me, there is hardly anything worse than seeing the bride’s hard work spoilt by protrusive drum sets or speakers behind the top table.

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