How Important Proper Breastfeeding Actually Is

breastfeeding-vs-formulaI’ve recently learned some facts and issues about breastfeeding that got me thinking – the world has to change, and change a lot!

My cousin, whom I dearly love, gave birth to a boy a month ago. She decided she wants to breastfeed her baby as long as possible, that is as long as the boy wanted to. But she met the first problems in the hospital – no information or help about the breastfeeding, the baby was fed with formula without her even knowing (she had a C-section), she was advised to use the formula. All these difficulties contributed to her having a lot of problems with breastfeeding, especially during the first month.

She even had the symptoms of blocked milk duct and this is where she almost considered going the formula route. But, luckily for her, she got some great advice and help from the nurse who knew what she was doing, had experience and helped my cousin to continue breastfeeding, forgetting about the formula and not thinking about it as a solution.

Breastfeeding is hard, in a sense that there are many small things you need to know. Small, but important things. These will help you and your baby to develop a bond, a continuity in breastfeeding and stay healthy. I was surprised to learn that less than 40% babies are being breastfed, worldwide. Some countries even go as low as 10 or 15% of babies being breastfed only. This is just awful. I’m guessing the reason for this is little or no information on breastfeeding and promotion of baby formula. I’ve invested some time to find great breastfeeding tips and found a lot of them on this page I really want to contribute with this, I’m hoping a lot of mothers will find these tips and keep breastfeeding their babies as long as possible.

What do you think about this issue? Do you think formula should be promoted at all? What are your thought on public breastfeeding?


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