How Does Concrete Floor Work With Epoxy Paint?

There are a lot of questions homeowners have concerning garage, concrete and epoxy. One of them is can epoxy paint that is used on a garage floor be used on concrete as well. And the answer is quite simple really. I am surprised when people ask me that, it’s one of those questions you don’t have to think about at all. It’s natural that you can use it on the concrete, because epoxy floor paint is made specifically for it.

While that first answer is quick and straightforward, there are some other things you should know about. The thing is, you can’t simply apply the epoxy to the garage floor, because not all concrete floors are capable to accept this paint. Yes, you have to take care of the surface first, apply a specific procedure to get things done properly. But I won’t talk about that right now. It’s the bad procedure that causes some concrete floors to not accept epoxy paint.


You won’t be able to use it on a sealed concrete because it is treated with special compounds that keeps all the moisture outside. The reason for this is concrete protection, of course. All concrete surfaces that are etched or stained are sealed as well. This website here will tell you more about why that’s done. And while the compound is usually used on walls, there are some people who choose to use it on the floor and seal it. This is something you probably know about your own garage floor. If you are not a house owner, you should ask a previous one. Because once it is sealed, you won’t be able to apply paint to it. You can do a test to check this out, in case you don’t want or can’t contact the previous owner.

If you don’t want to do this job by yourself, for whavetever reason, call the specialists. There are many contractors that work with concrete surfaces only so it’s best to call them and let them give you their opinion and quote.

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