Help Your Child Recover from a Broken Arm

It is, naturally, always hard to see your child suffer, and not being able to fix the situation immediately makes you feel inadequate, but when an accident does occur, it is good to be well educated about first aid and what you should and shouldn’t do in order to make things better. Sometimes, all you will be able to do is just be there for your child as support and tell them that everything will be ok, while the professionals take care of the problem.

One of the most common child injuries nowadays is certainly a broken arm. Kids play a lot, and because of their fearless nature, they get hurt a lot. It is important to know how to react calmly in these situations, and what to do depending on the different problems that might occur.

How to Recognize It

You will recognize a broken arm if you see swelling, bruising and tenderness on the injured part. It will also be very difficult for your child to move their part of the body and it will be sore to the touch.

broken arm

What to do

If the situation isn’t as serious as an open fracture, you should remove the clothes of the injured area by carefully cutting them off and not additionally agitating the injury. Wrap an ice pack in a cloth and apply it to the limb, but don’t move it, or you might worsen the situation. Call the hospital right away, and while you wait for them, make sure not to give your child any food or water, because they might need surgery, and this might prolong the process of waiting for the operation to start.

When you are at the hospital, remember to remain calm. As hard as it is in the given moment, you need to trust that the doctors are the ones who know what is best to do. That being said, be sure to ask a nurse what is the exact problem, how it should be treated and how long it might take to heel. Knowing this sort of information will help you plan out quickly what you will need to prepare for when your child is released from the hospital and can return home safely.

While you’re talking to the nurse, you can also make sure the hospital operates with high quality hospital supplies – there is no complicated logic in this one. Everyone wants the best for their loved ones, and the care at the hospital includes everything from qualified doctors to the equipment being used in the operation room.

When you get back home

Being injured and fragile is not a state your child is used to being in. As they won’t be able to go out and play much with their friends, you will need to be there for them for both pleasure and purpose.

Aside from that, regular checkups with the doctor are an imperative in order to ensure the injury is healing correctly and that you are doing everything right.

When things like these occur, the most important is to stay calm and show your child that this problem will go away, and as children look up to their parents the most, you will be there to carry the strength for them.