Digital Era is Here – Have You Prepared Your Child For It?

As we all know, parenting is a pretty tough job and in some occasions, it can be really stressful. It is an ongoing process – an endless journey with uncertain results. However, we should never give up from our kids and from their future. This is our obligation as parents and reasonable human beings.

The truth is that parenting never was easy. Our mothers and fathers struggled with it, we are struggling and our kids will be in the same situation in the future. The biggest trouble with it is that we cannot use the same rules and simply apply it. There are no all-mighty tips and magic recipes about how to prepare our kids for life. We cannot use the experience of our folks. The things have changed. We are living in a digital era now. This is a reason why we have to learn how to deal with this newly created situation.

There are a number of different medical studies that warn us about all those negative consequences of the digital world and how they affect on our kids. However, these studies are not very helpful, simply because we cannot “unplugg” our children from the world and throw them in the Middle ages. This would be wrong, of course. Our kids have to be prepared for the real world and capable to deal with all life circumstances. In other worlds, we must teach them how to take advantage of the digital world.

digital estate planning for children

What this means? One of the most important things is to teach your baby that digital technology is not the purpose, but only the tool for other goals in life. All human inventions are designed to help people, not to hurt them or slow down their progress. For example, the Internet is a great source of information and it can be used as an ideal tool for learning and collecting information. As we said, it is just a tool, not the goal.

One of the benefits of Internet are enormous possibilities when it comes to storing important data, valuable files, images and everything else that you hold dear. Facebook, Twitter, Dropbox and OneDrive accounts contain hundreds of valuable images and information we see as private and unique. It is important to think about all the accounts you have online as all the value you have there will be transferred to your heirs. At least, it should be. So don’t forget to dedicate some time for digital estate planning for children. If you wait and put this aside for too long, you might hurt your loved ones deeply.

Laws still don’t have a proper answer to what happens with our digital estate when we pass away. Many families had to go through long and tiresome legal battles to be able to retrieve such simple things as Facebook accounts or Dropbox accounts with family photos and videos on them. Be smart, plan ahead, protect your family.