Clever Tips for Setting Up A Home Office

Due to a trend of working from home, more and more people are turning their spare rooms, attics and basements into offices. However, not many of us have the luxury of space and have to make due with the limited room we have. Lack of space shouldn’t stop anyone from having a dream office, because all you need to turn that dream into reality is some time and a little imagination.

Space manipulation

Not an easy thing to achieve, but will bring in some results. People who lack an extra room, usually decide to clean out the attic or basement and turn it into an office. This solution seems easy enough but you have to take into account a certain risk. Most of attics and basements are meant for storing unnecessary thing and not for a several hours long office work. It would be easier and cheaper to buy a screen or a curtain and use it to as a boundary between the two rooms. If you have an upper floor, there is usually plenty of room for an office beneath the stairs.

office desk

Furniture with multiple uses

If you lack the space for an office or you lack the funds for buying new equipment you should consider making use of your already existent furniture. If you are using a laptop, you don’t really have the need for a brand new, space hog of a desk. Every flat surface will do. If you are however using a desktop there are a few ways to save space and essentially money. A coffee table or a dining table could make due for some time. If you have a wardrobe or a closet you are not using, why not add some shelves and turn it into a work area.

Cables in the way

Messy cables are an eyesore for every room. Before you choose a place for your new home office make note of all the electrical outlets in order to avoid them going across the room (if this is unavoidable you could try to cover them up with a rug or position them alongside a wall and nail some thin boards over it). If you have many USB devices I would recommend buying a powered USB hub that gives more USB ports and doesn’t slow things down as much. Finally you can use a binder clip or a clothespin to attach those extra cables to the side of the desk or a shelf.

adjustable desk

Consider a height adjustable desk

Yes, I know people prefer to sit when they are behind a computer, who would be crazy enough to stand. Well, after a couple of hours behind a desk any chair starts to feel uncomfortable and sometimes you just can’t get up, leave in the middle of work and take a walk a get a massage. One way of solving this problem is to get a height adjustable desk, which offers you the possibility of changing your position from sitting to standing with ease. Desks like these can be found in furniture stores like the Rockdale Office Furnishers in Sydney. If you want to check them out here is the link:

As long as you are creative and consider your options and desires carefully you can easily set up an amazing home office.

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