Benefits of Couponing

The first coupon in history was issued in 1887. by Coca Cola Company and  Asa Candler who’s an owner and managing director of this fast growing company at a time. During the 20th century America got hooked up on coupons. This isn’t strange since we’re talking about pieces of paper that provide shoppers with discounted goods. This practice became even more popular after the 2008 Economic Crises, when lot of people decided to start extreme couponing, which is more the way of life, than a past-time activity. All these people are deciding to start collecting coupons because there are many benefits that come with this unusual practice.

Saving Money

This is the biggest and the most long-term benefit. With spending less money on groceries, couponers are able to leave more funds for some more important things in life. In last few years it was very hard for an American family to live with only one salary, so both partners needed to work, which left consequences on their kids, who could see their parents only on evenings and weekends. Most of families that practice couponing can easily get by with only one spouse working. They often manage to save up some additional funds that they put in their kid’s college fund, or save to for home renovation, car, family vacation etc.


Buying Better Quality Products

Most of the manufacturers issue coupons for products that are bit more expensive than others. Because of the financial situation, less expensive products simply fly off the shelf, and there’s no need for promoting them with coupons. This usually means that products that can be bought with coupons are also better quality ones and lot of families didn’t got the chance to try these out before they started couponing. With stocking and doubling coupons, people can easily get brands like Betty Crocker or Uncle Ben almost for free, and this means the healthier and tastier food on the table for the whole family.

Home Delivery

Advanced technology of today totally changed couponing. People don’t need to clip coupons from newspapers anymore and to wait for hours in supermarket queues. Now everything can be done from the comfort of their homes and that’s because a lot of manufacturers and online retailers now offer online coupon codes. One of the most famous are Amazon promotional codes that can drastically cut spending on this popular online-retailer website. Goods can be bought online, with using coupon codes and can be delivered for free directly to couponer’s address.

Never Get Run Out of Goods

Most couponers have their stockpiles, which are places where they collect their surpluse goods. They usually take good care of them, stack them by categories and expiration dates. Good thing about having a stockpile is that these people very rarely run out of groceries. This also saves gas money since couponers will never need to run to the store at 8 pm, to buy one or a few products they forgot to put on their grocery lists.

coupon collecting

Emotional Satisfaction

This is probably the best benefit of this activity. Paul Zak, neuroeconomics researcher from Clermont Graduate University determined that oxytocin (hormone related to feeling of happiness, love and trust) levels jump when person receives a $10 coupon. In this research his team determined that oxytocin levels jump higher when person gets a coupon then when he/she gets a present or even a kiss.

Some other researches determined that one in a five couponers feel victorious after finding a bargain.  As much as half od the consumers that often use coupons feel responsible and some other feelings that usually come out in the researches like this one are: satisfaction, self-acknowledgment and happiness. People who use coupons also feel that their are contributing to their household, and that is one of the most valuable feelings one unemployed family member can have.