Baby Furniture – Invest or DIY?

In the tough economy we have today, starting a family often isn’t that easy. We have to think of many practical aspects- late nights, baby equipment, putting a nursery together, etc. Some might have the chance to inherit a lot of the necessary baby stuff, but most newbie parents have to buy new things, and sometimes that is a really big investment. Of course you want to give your child everything, but does everything have to be brand new?

As things for children are usually very colorful and whimsical with a lot of accessories to keep the kid interested, it leaves a lot of space for parents to put their own two cents in and try to make some of the things themselves. Doing things like this together can even be a fun activity for couples. Dad can do the rough part of the work, cutting up wood or drilling holes, while mom can paint and decorate. The fun thing is that there are so many things to do that everyone can participate.

baby-furniture-whiteNonetheless, you should be careful – even tho the internet is full of step by step tutorials and videos how to DIY everything from a woven sweater to a custom shaped bookshelf, baby furniture is not something to mess around with. With most DIY projects the durability of the things you are making isn’t the most important thing, but if you decide to make a DIY crib for example, bear in mind that the safety of your child is of the utmost importance. You don’t want the crib or any other thing you are making to fall apart because there is a big chance your baby might be in it while it happens.

A lot of parents will opt for a store bough crib, but if you think you are handy enough with your tools, you could try to make a crib on your own. If you decide to try it out, first take care of the following:

Check all the information

Don’t take everything that the internet says for granted. If you found a really good DIY tutorial online, make sure you check if it is actually worth your time. Visit your local carpenter and ask for advice, because you never know if something could go wrong- maybe the type of wood suggested is not sturdy enough, maybe the construction isn’t that solid, and there are a hundred other things that could go wrong. Make sure that the end product will be one hundred percent safe for your special little someone.

Baby-FurnitureHave all the Necessary Equipment

With some tutorials you can afford to wing it and just substitute parts you don’t have for some you do, but with baby furniture just be sure to have all the necessary equipment. Read the tutorial thoroughly – compile a list of all the things you need and then either browse the internet for a good online tool supplier or head on down to your local hardware store.

Once you get everything, just choose your colors, grab your drills, hammers, sand paper and start creating.