Applying Epoxy Floor Paint In Your Garage

If you had enough looking at your old concrete garage floor, you may want to try using epoxy floor paint. No longer will the flooring look wasted and dirty, since this paint will preserve the garage floor. It will be something completely different and you will notice that when you pull your car over that beautiful showroom surface. It will be a feeling of satisfaction and success.

Epoxy floor paint is extremely durable coating that will preserve the flooring from all kind of influences. And this is the reason it is so popular, not only among car lovers, but for anyone who understands in home decor and in quality products. The ability to resist grease, oils and other known chemicals is a plus over the looks it has. Other paint would get damaged and disappear into oblivion, but not 2 part epoxy paint.

epoxy floor paint

It is also worthy of mentioning the ease of stain removal. When you spill something on concrete epoxy paint floor, you won’t see it disappear into the surface. It will stay on top and wait for somebody to come clean it. Unprotected concrete would soak it all up and create another stain that you would have to look at.

Before you start to dream about doing all this by yourself, let me give you a wake up call. Applying this type of flooring is not easy, and there are plenty of people who did it wrong and asked for a remover. They made few mistakes and then they have bubbles going out of the coating or they have to many drips lying around. There can be some cracks that will also require a epoxy paint remover. So you have to do this step by step and be careful about what you do.

The first step is to prepare concrete for paint and that is the hardest part, because it all depends on this. Before you start doing this, you have to figure out will your concrete hold the paint at all. You may want to clean your surface with a floor scrubber, it’s a very effective tool for that purpose. You can find out more about this cleaning machine here. Back to our business: Spill a glass of water on the surface. If it is soaked, it means that you do not have sealed concrete and you can apply the paint. Otherwise, you have a sealed flooring that you will either leave as it is or remove that top layer so it can adhere to epoxy paints.

After that, you have to do a moisture test. If there is any moisture left, the change in temperature will push air up and through the coating. And because it is sealed, the air won’t have any choice but to go through it. And this is how bubbles will be created, because the coating won’t allow that air to go up and it will close it in little bubbles that will be all over your floor. It is not a pretty sight, believe me.

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To make a test, put a plastic bag over the concrete floor and tape it there. Com to check it out tomorrow. If you find a moisture under the bag, you have to wait with the epoxy paint. The water inside the concrete will break the bonds and destroy your work, so you have to get rid of the water. Let it dry a bit more and open garage doors so that warm summer air can do his thing.

After you pass this test, there is another one. On your working day, you have to make sure that the temperature is between 60 and 90 degrees outside. The concrete floor itself has to be at least 55. This is how you ensure that the air won’t stay trapped under the epoxy resin and there won’t be any bubbles on the coating when the weather changes.

When all this is the way it should be, you can start with the work. When it comes to choice of paint, the best known are Quikrete and Rustoleum but you can find any other brand from the local store. Just make sure to read the directions so you know what you are dealing with. Protective eyewear and clothing are recommended too.

Now your garage floor can be painted in 2 or 3 layers, depending on what you want. You can even add some chips after you made the top layer, to make it look like a real showroom floor.

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