Hi there,

mamas profileI’m Celia Landry (45) for San Diego. I’m a part time home decorator and passionate fan of the walking in the nature.

When I started MamasPaws.com, I thought I would lose interest in writing within a month. There are many projects I started, only to leave them On Pause and never return to them.

But, I started telling my friends about how I started a blog. Then I told my husband. And soon, everybody knew about it. Now I simply couldn’t leave this project On Pause! I had motivation to keep it going. And yes, I admit, my motivation was fueled by the guilt I would feel by leaving this blog on standby when everybody expected me to write and post, post and write.

So, after so many months have passed, here I am. And I keep going forward!  🙂

Sometimes, my life is in a real mess and I need super powers to achieve all things I supposed to do. Besides my work, I have to keep the house clean and tidy, cloth organized, meals prepared on time, to be beautiful and always in the good mood.  But I do not have any complains.

I enjoy every aspect of my life. I adore spending time with my two beautiful daughters and husband. I like to keep them together and enjoy  in our family moments. Ok, I have to admit. I am a person who likes to keep my eyes on things.

I’m a mom who wants to have control.  Stay with me and learn how to use super powers that every mom has in pocket.

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