5 Sex Tips For Getting Pregnant

Don’t you find it ironic that you spent a lot of time learning how to avoid getting pregnant, especially in a high school health class, and now all you want to do is to get  pregnant? Well, at least you don’t have to have a class for this as well  🙂

While you don’t need to take a course and your notebook with you, you can use some tips on how to get pregnant. I have 5 sex tips that will increase your chances of conceiving. These may be new to some, and a classic for others. So, here we go.

Find The Middle Ground

Believe it or not, most experts recommend to have sex every other day. This not only ensures you will be having sex when you ovulate, it will also keep your partner’s sperm count high.

Right Timing

IF you can’t or don’t want to have sex every other day all the time, you can pinpoint your most fertile days. You can use ovulation monitor and then have intercourse as often as you can during the days your body is ovulating.

Avoid Using Lubricants

Most lubricants aren’t sperm friendly so you should avoid them if you want to get pregnant.

Take The Right Position

While some doctors say there are certain positions that will increase your chances to conceive, it’s not important what position you will take. Sperm will swim towards the cervix, no matter what. Just relax and don’t think about this.

Don’t Forget To Relax And Enjoy

Thinking too much about getting pregnant will increase your stress levels, and you don’t want that. Besides, when you have sex just because you want to conceive, the sex will soon become a chore. You should enjoy and have fun, this is why you shouldn’t force things and think too much. You are doing everything you can already, cut yourself some slack and enjoy.

These 5 sex tips should help most partners to get pregnant. But while doing my research for this post, I stumbled upon this article http://www.mommyedition.com/getting-pregnant-after-40-naturally. I figured out there are probably many peope who need a bit more than just 5 sex tips to help them conceive. The post I found is great not only for those over 40, but for all people who want to have a baby and need some help. Every little bit counts, by doing less and more important things for your health, you are increasing your chances. And even that 1% more counts.


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