10 Online Tools for Homeschool Students – Instruction and Study

There is a lot of flexibility when it comes to the approaches homeschool teachers use. In the process of covering topics for traditional subjects, these teachers can use a variety of resources. The internet is one example of these resources. It is helpful when it comes to studying Math, History, Art, Music, Psychology and many other subjects. The tools available online can be access freely or in an organized fashion.

Online academies provide homeschool students with specially designed subject study. They will be able to learn according to their grade level. The internet has websites and study information that coincides with classroom work. These are resources that can be combined with classic curriculum approaches. Some homeschool students will utilize online tools as their primary instructional materials. Let’s take a look at 10 Online Tools for Homeschool Students that have proven effective.

1 – Subject Matter Topics

Teachers can enter subject matter topics into search engines to find resources. There are videos, notes and instruction helps for Social Studies, History, Government and Geography available online.

2 – Virtual Tours

Field trips are a big part of homeschool education. Virtual tours provide students with an alternative way to see the world. These tours are available online in different countries and fields of study.

3 – Course Lectures

There are many websites that offer students access to lectures on particular courses. Some of these have only audio recordings. Others showcase instructors as they teach individual subjects for courses.

4 – Focused Websites

There are websites online that focus on specific topics. Computer Engineering, Animal Biology, Historical Philosophy are just a few of these. Students can use these sites for assignments and independent study.

5 – Homework Assistance

Each subject in homeschool will have its own set of assignments. There are sites designed to help students with their homework. These are sometimes organized according to grade level work.

6 – Free Resources

Free resources online provide many benefits to homeschool students. These are materials that do not have to be purchased to complete curriculum. Printable worksheets, pdf book files and subject matter lessons are just a few of these resources.

7 – Step-by-Step Projects

Along with the study of individual subjects will be project assignments. Teachers can find these projects in a step-by-step approach. This is a great way to help students of varying ages. Experiments sometimes fit into these project focuses.

8 – Lesson Plan Creations

Teachers require lesson plans to stay focused on subjects like Science, History and English. Fortunately for them, there are many sites online that offer free lesson plan creations.

9 – Gaming Options

Although there are many options for gaming software, the internet provides students with similar opportunities. There are educational sites that offer games that are compatible with academic topics.

10 – Test Preparation

Older students may need test preparation for college and other pursuits. There are testing sites that offer free samples according to subject.

One of the primary goals for homeschool as an educational approach is to build students’ aptitudes. This process focuses on learning styles and alternative techniques. Online tools are helpful when it comes to different styles of learning. They can benefit students of various interests and create strength in important areas.

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