10 Common Pests Found In London Homes

There are many types of pests that are commonly found around people’s home and this means there are many products out there you can use to help you get rid of them. It doesn’t matter where you live, the chances are there are DIY products you can use. Such products can aid you in eliminating pests such as rats, mice, ants and wasps, as well as fleas, cockroaches, flies, spiders and mosquitoes. With that said, here are some of the top household pests.

bed bug image

1. Mice– Mice love nesting in walls and lofts because of how warm and cozy they are. However, mice also enjoy gnawing and they can do a lot of damage to furnishings. Not only that, but mice can carry and spread disease.

2. Moths– Moths can be annoying because they lay eggs to natural clothing. They are the most usual pests in your London home and are sometimes very difficult to get rid of. The larvae damages clothes and carpets by eating them. They also destroy upholstery and they can cause a lot of other damage.

3. Rats– One of the most common pests in UK are brown rats. If there are smear marks, droppings or teeth marks on cables, then you may have rats. Like mice, rats can carry and spread various diseases that can make you sick.

4. Bed Bugs– Bed bugs are be found in beds, cracks and crevices. Bed bugs are hard to get under control when they spread and they are known to feed on human blood. The best way to eliminate bed bugs is by hiring a professional.

5. Wasps– These pests can be found in gardens and they can get into homes via open windows. Large nests can be home to over 10,000 wasps. Nests can usually be found in bushes, trees, lofts, wall cavities and under the ground.

6. Flies– It doesn’t matter what kind of flies they are, they can carry diseases. They can also carry food poisoning bacteria. There are DIY products that can help you get rid of flies, and this includes fly killer unites.

ants in home

7. Ants– Ants search for food, which is why they enter houses. Their nests can be found under paving, on lawns and in dry soil. Professional ant control services can get rid of ants and there are products from Rentokil that works very well.

8. Spiders– For the most part, spiders are not harmful. However, many people fear spiders. They can eat flies and mosquitoes, but people still want to get rid of them, which they can do via pest control services.

9. Cockroaches– These pests can be found in warm houses, wall cavities and kitchens. They usually come out of hiding after dark. They tend to feed on any kind of food and some cockroaches do carry diseases.

10. Woodworm– These types of pests refer to wood boring beetles. they can be found inside floorboards, furniture and wooden beams. If you have woodworms, then feel free to hire a professional to get rid of them.